Brush & Rinse Toothbrush Now Available For Sale, Kind Of

Brush & Rinse Toothbrush (Images courtesy Amron Experimental)
By Andrew Liszewski

Remember the Brush & Rinse Toothbrush I first wrote about back in August of 2007? It looked like a standard toothbrush except for the back of the head which was specially engineered to “effectively redirect water from a faucet to your mouth for easy rinsing.” Well at that time you could order 1 one of the 27 original working prototypes for just $1,750, so odds are none of you picked one up.

But there’s good news! The Brush & Rinse Toothbrush is now available for pre-order from Moq7 for just $1.18, which is considerably more affordable than the prototypes were. The only catch is that they have to pre-sell 50,000 units by the end of the year in order to meet the production run requirements. At the moment they’ve managed to sell just over 10,000 brushes, so I think there’s a good chance you might actually get your hands on one should you choose to place an early order. But if they don’t meet the minimal number, all orders will be fully refunded.

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