Brunton’s New Camping-Friendly Flip-N-Drip Percolator

Brunton Flip-N-Drip Coffee Maker (Images courtesy Brunton)
By Andrew Liszewski

There’s no shame in bringing a few amenities from home when you go camping, and if you happen to enjoy a fresh cup of brew every morning then the Brunton Flip-N-Drip will save you from having to use the instant stuff. It’s about the size of a standard thermos, but works a bit differently.

To make a fresh cup of coffee you first boil some water in the Flip-N-Drip’s base, then you attach the “brew chamber” filled with your grounds of choice and then just flip the whole thing over to start the percolation process which takes about 10-12 minutes. When it’s done, you just remove the 16 oz. double-walled insulated mug and enjoy! While it’s not listed on the Brunton website just yet, the Flip-N-Drip should be available soon for about $45.

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