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Brother Stampcreator PRO (Image courtesy Brother)By Andrew Liszewski

I saw this service available at my local Staples the other day and while it’s apparently not new, I still found the idea of ‘printing’ a custom rubber stamp intriguing.

Here’s how it works. You first create your image, logo or slogan and import it into the custom Brother Stamp Editor software. The Stampcreator PRO, which is attached to the computer like a standard printer will then transfer your image onto a transparent film using 600 dpi thermal transfer printing, preserving all the detail contained in your original graphic.

You then position a blank stamp into the printer, where it sits above a Xenon flash. The surface of the blank stamp is made from a rubber material that is light-sensitive and was developed especially for the Stampcreator PRO. The light from the Xenon flash causes millions of micro-sized pores on the surface of the blank stamp to close. However pores that are protected from the bright flash via the black portions of the originally printed transparent film remain open. As a result only the areas with open pores will absorb the ink and transfer the stamp image onto the paper. The whole stamp ‘printing’ process takes only 3 minutes.

The Stampcreator PRO is designed as a commercial solution but can be yours for $799 from

[Brother Stampcreator PRO]

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  1. This has actually been out for a good number of years. Staples Office Supply started to use them with their copy centers about 5 years ago. It is a very neet and useful device and you can make stamps on the fly.

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