Broomba Isn’t A Vacuum, Still Sucks

Broomba Isn’t A Vacuum, Still Sucks

Broomba Self-propelled Broom (Image courtesy Grandin Road)
By Andrew Liszewski

With a name like ‘Broomba’ you might think this is a clever take on the popular robotic vacuum, but you’d be wrong. Instead of autonomously sweeping and cleaning your hard wood floors, it’s designed to scare guests at your next Hallowe’en party by moving around the room while blaring “spooky” music and “frightful” cackling sounds. But in reality, it will probably end up being nothing more than an inverted empty cup holder.

And even though October 31 isn’t exactly ‘just around the corner’ you can already scare one of these up for $39 from Grandin Road.

[ Broomba Self-Propelled Broom ] VIA [ The Green Head ]

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