Brondell Perfect Flush Gives You Options

Brondell Perfect Flush (Images courtesy Brondell)
By Andrew Liszewski

Low-flow toilets are an easy way to reduce your water consumption at home, but there are still times when a full-on flush is just overkill. So the Perfect Flush kit, which can be installed on over 90% of existing toilets in just 30 minutes, gives you 2 flushing buttons. A full-flush for… uh… tougher jobs, and a half-flush for stuff that goes down a bit easier. Now the concept of two flushing options is already pretty common almost everywhere outside of North America, but for those of us living in the good ol’ NA, Brondell claims the Perfect Flush will immediately reduce your toilet’s water usage by up to 50%, which just might make the $149 investment worthwhile.

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10 thoughts on “Brondell Perfect Flush Gives You Options”

  1. If you buy the right kind of toilet it will do the same thing without the $150 additional cost. With my toilet the difference between a half flush and a full is as simple as flipping the handle or holding it down for a couple seconds while the tank empties. Much like coffee this article makes me want to poo.

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