Brondell Breeza Deodorizing Toilet Seat

Brondell Breeza Deodorizing Toilet Seat (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

When you go to the trouble of installing a toilet seat with this much technology you truly become a member of the gadget elite. The Brondell Breeza Deodorizing toilet seat is designed to deal with one of those common problems no one likes to talk about. In fact I’m sure anyone who had a family get together over the weekend could appreciate the added functionality this toilet seat offers.

On the back of the lid you’ll find a “patent-pending 4-stage deodorizing system” that uses a small, ultra-quiet fan to draw air in. This air is then purified of unwanted odors through an activated carbon filter before it’s released back into the room. And if you’re still worried about those odors hanging around the seat also has a replaceable fragrance vent that can be used to mask any lingering smells.

The Brondell Breeza toilet seat is available from for $129.99.

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