Bring Back Fond Memories With A Duplo Webcam

By Luke Anderson

I don’t know about kids today, but I know that my favorite toy when I was young had to be my Legos. I would easily spend more time with them than even my Nintendo. Well these days I don’t play with them anymore (though there are still some sitting on a shelf in my office), but at least thanks to someone’s creative skills I could have my very own Lego webcam.

Sure, this is made using a Duplo block, but it is still technically Lego. It’s probably not the best cam in the world, however, think about your $80 investment as a trip down memory lane.

[ Etsy ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]

1 thought on “Bring Back Fond Memories With A Duplo Webcam”

  1. I like these cobra-tyle webcams. I think they are great for video chatting on a cam-less laptop, given they have a built-in microphone. Does this one have a built-in microphone?

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