Brilliant Switch Turns USB Cables Stupid


By Evan Ackerman

Computers spend a lot of time thinking that they’re smarter than us. Like, with USB: your computer figures that it’ll just start firing up all of its software and whatnot whenever you plug something in, like your iPod or iPhone. Well, you know what? Sometimes we don’t want to sync our data. Sometimes we don’t want to automatically fire up iTunes and spend 10 minutes backing up our iPhones when we just needed a little bit of a charge, and God forbid the iPhone gets plugged into a different computer that tries to delete all of the music that’s on it…

You know what? NO.

Hence, this USB cable with a little switch that lets you decide whether you want a data connection, or just a power connection. The iPod/iPhone version is $13, and there are other USB adapters for $10 each. Yes, it’s more expensive than a cable without the switch, but if you don’t get one, you’re basically just admitting that your computer is smarter than you, and then the machines win. I mean, you don’t hate humanity, do you? Do you?

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9 thoughts on “Brilliant Switch Turns USB Cables Stupid”

  1. This is why I like my Palm Pre: When it gets connected to a computer, a menu pops-up on the device and has 3 options: USB Drive, Media Sync, and Just Charge. If I just wanna charge it, I tap that option. All using a standard micro-USB cable.

  2. Sync up sucks, that's why, like obi1 pointed out, I don't have that checked off. But like the review says, what if you go to someone elses computer and they have it checked and it tries to. That would piss me off. Also I'd love to have a USB that I can plug in and tell what to do.

  3. well, since iPhones can't sync to more than one computer, when connected to a new computer, itunes will pop up and ASK if u want to sync it (at the risk of deleting everything). if you don't read, you deserve the damage.

    or you can just carry a silly $2 USB power adapter and save the whole trouble. this is a product designed to squeeze money off the average user who, to my experience doesn't know how to use their phone and/or computer.

  4. Oh I was just speaking on the basis of my ipod. I don't have an iPhone… nor do I use other people's computer. I do agree that you deserve it for being careless and not reading. But I can't help but like the simple addition. People pay more for the actual plug from apple. Or those stupid uncomfortable headphones, so why not for an addition to help the apple users that can't handle complex things that aren't bubbly. So like you said it is a great product for that crowd.

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