BrightonNet iPhone & iPod Touch Pen

iPhone & iPod Touch Pen (Images courtesy BrightonNet)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ll admit that I’m getting pretty tired of cleaning fingerprints off my iPhone. But I don’t know if I’ve quite reached the point where I’m willing to carry a stylus around again. Of course traditional plastic tipped styli won’t work with the iPhone or iPod Touch’s screen since it uses a capacitive system instead of a pressure one, so you need to get a stylus that’s specifically designed to mimic a finger or other bodypart.

This one from BrightonNet is certainly not the first to hit the market, but it does appear to be the fanciest. It features a soft tip attached to a flexible neck which is supposed to help when you’re making dragging motions, however you’ll have to make it doesn’t ‘flick’ when you lift the stylus since the iPhone will detect that motion and react accordingly. While the size of the stylus makes it feel more like using a pen (even though you never have to write or print on the iPhone) I think it’s a bit large given it can’t be used to write on paper. And I have no idea what the price is, but keep in mind you’ll need to buy 2 of them if you want to do multitouch without the fingerprints.

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