Briefcase Bike

Suitcase Bike (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Designer Gosha Galitsky is a biking enthusiast but was upset at how little cooperation existed between public transit and bicycles. He wondered why there was a large selection of well designed folding bikes that he never actually saw being used in conjunction with buses and trains.

After a bit of research he found that while most modern folding bicycles can collapse into an amazingly small size, the results were still cumbersome, heavy and difficult to carry around. At the same time large wheeled baggage and suitcases were quite easy to move around and bring on public transport even though they often weighed far more than even a standard bicycle. With this in mind he designed the Briefcase Bike.

While it may not collapse as small as other bikes of the same nature do, when folded down the Briefcase Bike has no wheels or sprockets sticking out to get caught and the delicate and greasy components get safely enclosed inside the suitcase-like body. And keeping the small front wheel exposed allows the collapsed bike to be easily dollied around with minimal effort.

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