Breville Lift-And-Look Toaster

Breville Lift-and-Look Toaster (Image courtesy The Green Head)By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve used a lot of toasters in my time and no matter how expensive or high-tech they appear to be I’ve never found one that is capable of perfectly toasting a piece of bread to my liking. Of course part of the problem is the fact that ‘my liking’ doesn’t necessarily match everyone else’s so designing a toaster that will please everyone could actually be impossible.

However, Breville has come pretty close with their new ‘Lift-and-Look’ ikon model. Even with a window-equipped toaster it’s nearly impossible to tell how toasted a piece of bread is while it’s inside so the ikon allows you to pop it up to check without interrupting or stopping the heating cycle. Finally! Other nice features of the ikon include an illuminated LCD display for dialing in the browning setting that also provides an actual countdown indicator of when the toast will be ready. It also has a special bagel setting that will cause the inside elements to toast faster than the outside ones for perfect results.

If you’re the type who enjoys a toasted bagel every morning then the $79.99 price tag of the ikon Lift-and-Look probably seems not too bad. However if you’re like the rest of us and can only muster enough energy to eat breakfast on the weekends it might seem a bit pricey.

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