Breville BKT500 Makes Tea And Toast For Two


By Evan Ackerman

Remember a few weeks ago when I commented that my fantasy is to have every appliance in my home capable of making toast? Well, the Breville BTK500 toaster with an integrated kettle gets me even closer to my dream. Breville bills it as a kettle with an integrated toaster, but they’re not fooling anyone: toasters always get top billing. The BKT500 features a 1 liter kettle with a fast boil concealed heating element, and an electronically controlled toaster with “extra wide and deep self centering toasting slots.” It also includes a brilliant little “A Bit More” button that you push when your toast pops up not quite done. All this convenience can be yours for only $130.

[ Breville ikon BTK500 ] VIA [ Likecool ]

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  1. Strange. For a fleeting moment I felt like I saw this entry appear twice. You know, like, deja vu. Must have been a glitch in the Matrix. 😉

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