Breathe Some Life Into Your Fridge With The Frigits

frigitsBy David Ponce

If there ever was a reason to buy a fridge and stop ordering pizza and soda every day of the week, Frigits Deluxe is it. It’s a set of magnetic funnels, tunnels, catapults, spinners and sheer drops that stick to your fridge door to create complex “Rube Goldberg-like” devices. Oh yeah, and some marbles. For the less nerdy of you, this means that you can arrange all these magnetic elements on the door, drop a marble at the top and see it inch its way down in an entertaining way. If you’ve ever played the game Mousetrap, then this is the made-for-your-fridge version.

Of course, it’s a toy, but as far as toys are concerned, this one’s winning a bunch of prizes. What’s more, the fun doesn’t have to be restricted to the fridge; since they’re little magnets, you can bring this to the office, affix on any metal surface and, uh, amuse your co-workers. It’s all of ?20.

[Frigits Deluxe] VIA [SciFi Tech]