Breath Of Warm Air

Gorgonz Exhale Heating System (Image courtesy Gorgonz website)By Andrew Liszewski

Let’s face it, I carry around enough items every day that need perpetual charging, I don’t want my winter gloves to be one of them. For this reason I have avoided any type of heated gloves that rely on battery power, though on some days I really wish I had a pair.

Anyone who has ever blown into their hands to keep them warm on a freezing day will enjoy Gorgonz solution to battery-free warmth. Their line of Professional Cold Weather Gloves come with an optional ‘Exhale Heating System’ which is an internal set of valves and bladders connected to an external port, which you quite simply blow warm air into. (Note: A pair of lungs and a warm-blooded circulatory system are required.) The warm air fills the glove’s bladders and provides an extra level of warmth for those sub-freezing days.

[One pair is about $35, and worth every penny if you ask me. -Ed.]

[Gorgonz Professional Cold Weather Gloves with Exhale System] From [Gorgonz]

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