‘Break Club’ is Where Angry People Go to Vent and Break Stuff

Smash Club

Have you ever gotten so angry that you just felt compelled to start breaking things? You see it often enough in movies where the lead characters blow off some steam by breaking stuff. I guess it works somewhat, because people actually do it in real life, too. Back when I was still in high school, I¬†was sleeping over at a friend’s house once when her mom flew into a rage and threw a couple of plates around. Needless to say, she regretted breaking her fine china the next morning and it was one of the worst sleepovers ever.

The good news is that there’s now a place where people can go if they want to break stuff without regrets. At least, for those in Buenos Aires, Argentina, anyway. It’s called the Break Club, and it’s a place where members can throw things around and hit stuff with sticks to release (and hopefully, be rid of) their pent-up anger.

The report explains that the club’s members are mostly women. At the very least, it’s nice to have a place like this where people can vent and break stuff in a safe and controlled environment.

VIA [ Geekologie ]