Brando USB Plasma Tube Combines Pretty With Useless

USB Plasma Tube

By Evan Ackerman

If you have $15 burning a hole in your pocket and a USB port burning a hole in your computer, leave it to Brando to put out the metaphorical fires with this, their most recent and perhaps most colorful USB accessory. This unspeakably phallic device has an 8.5″ plasma tube that lights up in one of three colors, and can be set to react to music or ambient noise. It looks like it’ll probably snap in half if you breathe on it, but what do you honestly expect for $15?

As much as I like to harsh on the useless USB junk, if you check out the video on Brando’s website, seeing a few of these things lighting up is actually kinda cool.

[ USB DJ Plasma Tube ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

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