Brando USB Mouse/Laser Pointer/Thermometer

Brando USB Mouse with Laser Pointer and Thermometer (Image courtesy Brando)By Andrew Liszewski

Is it just me, or is the mouse and cellphone on an inevitable collision course of convergence? Both sides seem to be incorporating more and more functionality every day and I think one day both parties will go as far as they can and decide that a mouse/cellphone is the final innovation.

For now at least Brando brings us a USB mouse that incorporates a laser pointer as well as a thermometer which displays the current temperature of the room on the mouse’s built-in LCD display.

One thing I particularly like is that the mouse is attached to its cord VIA a USB connection. The included cord has a built-in retractor allowing it to be set at a custom length however being attached with a USB connection theoretically means you can use any USB cable if the included one doesn’t suit your needs.

This multi-function mouse is now available from Brando for $18.00.

[Brando USB Mouse with Laser Pointer and Thermometer] VIA [Gadget Candy]