Braille Rubik’s Cube Designed For The Blind


By Chris Scott Barr

It pains me to admit that I’ve never actually solved a Rubik’s Cube. Granted, it’s been years since I last tried, but I still feel disappointed nonetheless. One question that plagued me for some time was whether or not a colorblind person could solve the puzzle. Of course I later discover that I myself am at least partially colorblind, Since I can see the differences in the colors, I’m not too worried. Of course, for those that can see nothing at all, the game has little actual meaning. Thankfully one designer has decided to craft a cube which is playable even by the blind.

As you might have guessed, each block has a set of Braile on top it off. This is so that even someone who cannot see at all can have a real shot at solving it. Unfortunately we know not the price, nor if this product will ever make it to market.

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9 thoughts on “Braille Rubik’s Cube Designed For The Blind”

  1. I used to teach Braille. If anyone is interested – the letters on the front face do not appear to be in English. It spells: G-E-L-B.

  2. “Gelb” is German for “Yellow”. But doesn't it actually say “GEVB”, with the two dots for the B accidentally shifted one column to the right?

  3. It's actually written in German, I am a braille tutor and I have just had a discussion with the designer of the cube.

    He says that the colours written on it were supposed to be sort of an irony. What the point of having colours written if it means nothing to someone who is completely blind,.as you could have any tactile mark there.

    I would personally use numerals in Braille that could be understood by anyone no matter what language they speak.

    Also after discussing further with the designer he had not added the colours so that someone who is sighted can understand the cube from a blind persons perspective.

    I have suggested to him to design two one in colour with braille numerals on and another in white with braille numerals on. This giving the sighted and blind an equal experience.

    I myself am blind and would love to see this marketed. I have had many sighted and blind friends ask and we have made tactile cubes before. Some with Braille others with different textures. Thanks

    Maria Apaza Marchaqa

  4. Just another quick note the front face appear to have G-E-V and then dots 4-5 a symbol that is normally used in contracted braille.

    It is normally followed by a letter so you get the dot 4-5 symbol followed by a The symbol and you get the contraction these.

    I am not certain what the designer was tring to write. But conceptually I think this is a great idea. It just needs the bumps worked out (forgive the pun!)

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