Bracketron Universal Nav-Mat GPS Dash Mount

Bracketron Universal Nav-Mat GPS Dash Mount (Images courtesy Funshop & Meijer)
By Andrew Liszewski

Apparently in some parts of the world you’re not allowed to have a GPS device suction-cupped to your windshield. And if Johnny Law frowns on you doing that, I can only assume the other options like duct taping it to your steering wheel, or hanging it from your rearview mirror are also out of the question. That’s when you might have to settle for the Nav-Mat GPS Dash Mount from Bracketron. It’s basically a weighted pillow that features a mounting surface on top where you can attach your GPS device’s windshield mounting bracket. Its weight, combined with an anti-skid material on the underside allows the Nav-Mat to stay perched on your dashboard while supporting a GPS device that weighs as much as “several pounds.”

At $29.95 it’s considerably more expensive than a roll of duct tape, but I guess it does make it easier if you ever wanted to use your GPS device in another vehicle.

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