BPM Watch (Images courtesy Mr. Jones Watches)

BPM Watch Lets DJs Easily Calculate The BPM Of A Track

BPM Watch (Images courtesy Mr. Jones Watches)
By Andrew Liszewski

The BPM is the fourth design in Crispin Jones’ ‘Master of Time’ series where he asked creative professionals with “an interesting relationship to time” to collaborate on a watch. This time around it was DJ Tom Middleton who not surprisingly created a watch that allows DJs to quickly calculate the BPM of a track. Now I’m not going to pretend to know anything about DJ’ing besides hitting shuffle, but apparently all it takes is some quick counting and a bit of multiplication to figure out a given track’s BPM.

To calculate the bpm of a track: wait until the seconds hand aligns at 9, 12 and 3 on the watch (denoted by a full white circle) and start counting the quarter notes/beats as you’re listening to the music. It’s much easier with House/Techno music as the bass drum usually falls on these quarter note beats.

You’ll see the white circles gradually filling up with red and blue, stop counting when the white circle appears again. Multiply the count by four and you have the bpm.On the rear of the watch are some basic bpm ranges for a selection of current dance music genres.

The BPM watch is limited to just 100 pieces, but with a price tag of $199 it’s not outrageously expensive. And you don’t have to be a DJ to buy one, but the next time you’re at a club and hear a crappy mix just remember that it could be because you took a handy tool away from a real DJ.

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