Box Buddy Box Handle Cutter

Box-Buddy Box Handle Cutter (Images courtesy Box-Buddy)
By Andrew Liszewski

The next time you have to move the Box-Buddy could make the process considerably less of an ordeal . It’s an easy to use tool that offers a simple way to cut ‘C’ shaped carrying handles into the sides of any corrugated cardboard box. And not only does the ‘C’ shape result in a folded handle that’s easier on the hands, particularly with a heavy box, but it also means there’s no scraps of cardboard to be disposed of. And with a price tag of just $16.98, the Box-Buddy is a no-brainer, even if it’s just a unitasker.

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8 thoughts on “Box Buddy Box Handle Cutter”

  1. Exactly, bigger boxes are a pain. This allows you to turn any box into a carry box. The product is simple and the price isn't bad. If I moved a lot of boxes, or during my next move, I would pick one up.

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