BottleSpy keeps track of your drinking

This is great. So great I couldn’t wait till tonight to post about it. See, because I drink. More than once in a blue moon I might say. And, when happily intoxicated, I’ve often wanted to tell people just how many beers I’ve ingested in my beer drinking career. You know, to compare. Of course, I don’t really know, and I’ve always had to revert to grossly overinflated estimates.

Well, now, I don’t have to. For £6.49, this device keeps track of just how many bottles it opens. When you’re done using it, it’ll automatically turn off after 15 minutes, which is great seeing as it’s not unlikely you’ll be too, uh, distracted to think of doing so yourself. Unfortunately (or not), it has a reset button.

Here. Story VIA Gadgetryblog.

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