Bosch IXO Vino Cordless Screwdriver Doubles As A Wine Opener

By Chris Scott Barr

As a guy, you can never have too many power tools. Unfortunately explaining that to your significant other isn’t always the easiest of tasks. (If it is an easy task, remember that you’re a very lucky guy.) This means that sometimes you have to get creative with your purchases. If you’re in need of a small cordless screwdriver, this might be a good way to sneak one in under the radar.

The Bosch IXO Vino is a cordless screwdriver with a very special attachment. Specifically, a corkscrew that allows you to open wine bottles. That’s right, you can pass this puppy off as a fancy wine opener. Otherwise, it’s a pretty nice little screwdriver with a lithium-ion battery for cordless operation. Unfortunately the $63 price tag seems a bit salty for what it does.

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