Atiz BookDrive (Image courtesy Atiz website)By Andrew Liszewski

Whenever I visited the local copy shop while at University the do-it-yourself photocopy machines were always occupied by groups of engineering students, mass-reproducing their various text books. While I was impressed by their dedication at saving a few dollars, I don’t think I could ever spend hours at a machine monotonously turning pages.

This process though has now become a whole lot easier with the Atiz Book Drive scanner. Feeding you the data via USB 2.0, the device will scan a 500 page book in an hour, automatically turning the pages for you. For those worried about their texts the scanner uses a technology called SoftGlide that supposedly leaves books well preserved and unaffected during the scanning process. In addition to the OCR duties it performs, the BookDrive will also auto-crop and clean up any images as it makes its way through the book.

The Atiz BookDrive will set you back $50,000 so it’s probably just cheaper to buy your assigned textbooks.

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