Book Of Lights Is A Light In A Book

Book Of Lights (Images courtesy Charles & Marie)
By Andrew Liszewski

What kid doesn’t love pop-up or animated books? It’s the closest thing you can get to watching TV when you’re supposed to be reading. But unfortunately as you grow up you’ll find the books you’re actually interested in reading are sorely lacking in any pop-up features. That’s why I really like this Book Of Lights. It’s a large, linen-bound hardcover volume that opens to reveal a pop-up, functioning lamp inside.

The book is available in either a red or grey finish, and the lamp itself is available in either a traditional lampshade or Parisian streetlamp design. I assume LEDs play a big part here in both keeping the lamp collapsible, as well as preventing it from catching fire since it is made of paper.

You can find the Book Of Lights available for pre-order at Charles & Marie for $95.

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