Booby-Trap Your House With The Anti-Burglar Mat


By Chris Scott Barr

After the movie Home Alone came out, I’m pretty sure that every kid at the time (myself included) wanted to setup all kinds of booby-traps for their room, fort or whatever. Well we’re all grown-up now, and we can actually afford cool things like that. Take for instance this anti-burglar doormat.

Basically what you’ve got is a doormat that is really freaking sticky. You’re supposed to leave this on the inside of your door after you leave your home or business. If someone tries to break in, they’ll step on the mat and get stuck. Sure, they’ll eventually free themselves, but the idea is that they’ll get frustrated and leave. Of course on the other hand that might just make them angry and want to tear up the place a bit, in addition to robbing you. These will be released in Japan sometime this fall. There’s no word on a release for any other locations.

[ Rakuten ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

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