Bonsai Tree In A Can

smp_tin_bonsai_LRG.jpgBy Bruce Eaton

Time to embrace your inner green thumb Buddha and grow some nirvana on your desk with the Bonzai Tree in a Can. Coming to you straight from Japan and just like the ones Mr. Miyagi grew, this tin opens up to reveal black sand soil and inside that are the bonzai black pine seeds. Perfect for desks, the office, or a window due to its small size of 3.5″ diameter x 1.25″ tall. Even in a cubicle, it will not be eating up space.

With some basic gardening rules, such as remembering to water it, you should be good to go. And $12 is a good price for those even just looking to see if they can grow a bonsai without the financial risk of say, killing off a 300 year old bonsai myrtle from Okinawa.

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