Bong Vodka

By David Ponce

Saw this here, there and everywhere, and couldn’t pass it up. It’s Bong Vodka.

For those of you peculiar enough to be unfamiliar with, um, bongs… well, good for you. Bongs are ugly, evil tubular garden gnomes that steal your underwear. Stay away from them. That’s all you need to know.

That, and well, also that Bong Vodka is a Dutch

“designer spirit envisioned by a group of contemporary artists to fuse together a new wave of progressive fashion and designer attitude with an age-old Dutch product of exceptional quality.”

Uh huh. Whatever.

It’s Vodka. In a bong.

Goes on sale in early 2006, with launch parties in Miami and Orlando. Vodka bongs in Disneyland(world?)!

Check out Bong Vodka. Story VIA Uncrate.

42 thoughts on “Bong Vodka”

  1. Looks to me like someone wanted to invent a new designer of vodka and figured that associating it with cannabis, and therefore Holland, would make a cool story. Anyhow, I’m from Holland, I’ve never heard of the stuff, the site is registered in Arizona and I hardly believe any Dutchman has had anything to do with it.

  2. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. Its probably the cheapest made vodka(such as Skols) put into a bong shaped bottle. get real…anyone who buys this stuff is as stupid as the idea.

  3. Just another marketing ploy. I work in a wine and spirits shop and if anything sells, it’s packaging. Label design, bottle design, color, you name it. As far as I’m concerned put eveything in one shape bottle so it’s all easier to put on the shelf!

  4. Killer Idea. It may not sound so cool to some people who would have no use for this type of bottle….BUT to those who would…..this idea is over the top. These are gonna make great gifts, too bad they wont be released for sale until 06′

  5. I’m from The Netherlands and know for sure the quality that’s used to make the Bong Vodka will be the best. Why? Because there are no bad Vodka’s made in Holland. And the bottle… SUPERRRR !!!

  6. I assure you, the quality of this product is excellent. A great deal of research and expense paid off in the partnership with a traditional Dutch distiller. There are no bad vodka’s in Holland, but this is super premium…….How do I know? I just do, and when it’s released where you live, you will too!

  7. actually…. the vodka does come from holland. the artist that created the bottle is very creative. the vodka is being marketed throuh the appreciation of the arts. it is being introduced through, music, art, culture. if it was all about gimmick, then easier than touring around the country doing bottle signings and bringing the party bus to galleries and bar and having lavish parties in al capone’s mansion…. they had the option of going right to LA and just marketing a trendy bottle. this, however is a movement in the comminuty of the arts. it is sopposed to ubite people from various lifestyles to appreciate self expression. the vodka is very smooth, very good… they went to holland and sought out the best vodka. i know the owners and have been photojournaling the the launch.
    keep checking back as more will be added!

    the stage show alone was a blast!
    they are bringing the best vodka as well as showcasing the best in the art’s scene!

    live well 🙂

  8. I live in Orlando and have tried this product many a time. IT is absolutly unbelievable. I ca’t get hungover on it even if I try too. Great product, great design, even better taste. For you guys who invest in product. If you have an opportunity to invest in this stuff do it you’ll definately make a buck.

  9. Look, I thought the idea sounded a little sophomoric at first. I mean, who wants to drink something associated with bong water? Ewww. However, the photogs and other suspected members of the Bong Spirit crew are actually right about the quality. I was afraid to try it because Vodka and I have been on a trial separation after too many day-long hangovers. However, the Bong Spirit Vodka is as smooth as silk and miraculously has induced no hangover for me yet. Regardless of what you think of the packaging, try it. Chilled on the rocks with a twist is lovely.

  10. fuck you guys who say its not cool, just because you dont blaze doesnt mean its not cool, for those who party this is a revolution in a bottle, its down with art scene and the music scene

  11. I just bought a bottle of this stuff with intentions of using it as a bong. It doesn’t work. It’s solid glass behind the little plastic thing. I’m thinking they should use a cork there or something instead.

  12. It doesnt work! of all the gimmicky ploys taunting me with your bongy goodness!!! a pox on you for not having a cork!! a pox on you for fooling us! bong vodka please….how can you call your product
    B O N G vodka!!! hah! merging artistry bullcrap.

  13. I bought it the other day, and its is some good vodka, no hangover at all!! very nice, and the idea is great!!! Dual use, is a plus.

  14. My friend and I thought that the design under the logo might have something to do with it. We couldn’t find any instructions anywhere so we tried to use the central divot as a “break-away” strike point. This does not work. Anyone else with any bright ideas on how to get this to work?

  15. Hey for 35-40 bucks you get a glass bong and a bottle of vodka!!! Do da frickin’ math????? Yeh breakin’ glass aint a good idea unless you just like that beutiful sound!!!!! Blow it, diamond bit it or search google “glass hole cut”
    window peekin’ tweakin’ wreakin’ havoc
    Ya got to be smarter than pen then you can actually use it.

  16. its very easy to make it into a real bong i just did it 3 days ago it works real good all u have to do is drill it with a diamond dremel bit under water its easy and it works, all u have to do is a fill up a bucket fill the bottle with water and dip it under the water drill it and put in a female and pack it up, if u wanna keep the cap u gotta drill a hole in the top of the bottle as wide as the cap underneath the top dont ruin the thread or it wont work, its the best investment ive ever made 27 dollars

  17. OK, for a $30 bottle of vodka, which is well worth the money if you like better than average liquor, and a $5 diamond impregnated Dremel grinding burr, (already had a stem) and a few minutes of careful cutting, you get a fuckin amazing, foot tall, big bore, killer glass bong that would cost over $150 at any headshop. I trashed the screw-on lid, cut the center out of the big plastic lid cover, put a little hotglue around the bottle neck, stuck it together and it works great. First blaze was with something they’re calling “Blueberry Rush Hydro”, what a way to break one in!!! BLAZE ON BROTHERS, EVERYBODY ELSE, MIND YER OWN DAMN BUSINESS, I’LL MIND MINE!!!

  18. I am going to hunt for it . It is a beautiful bottle. How is one going to drink it without opening the top as it doesn’t has a cork? Meaning to preserve the beautiful bottle as a decorative state of art without damaging the top.

  19. What is some you your guys’ problems!? This is genius, not to mention really sick. It’s probably really good vodka, let alone the beautiful bong you get to use afterward, with that vodka flavored essence. I would definately also want to collect these contemporary artists’ work. What a pessimistic article. You don’t like to smoke? Then what are you bitching about, go away.

  20. Just picked up a bottle of this. Great taste. Smooth! Picked it up off wiles road. Go to :

    enter the site. Go to the product locator. THey have dozens of sites throughout the US that provide.

    Enjoy. Gotta finish the bottle and get out my dremel..(smile)

  21. Anyone have any recommendations for a good dremel to get? A good brand? Wet or Dry? Is there a RIGHT SIZE bit so a universal female piece can fit in properly? Thanks for the help!

  22. the black dot overlies a weak point in the glass, and can be punched through easily. Just spoke with the rep, who gave me an empty, and I bought a bottle. I hope with a little glass friendly sand paper, I can get it to accept a glass on glass connection, and not have to fuss with an o-ring.

  23. I would love to get in touch with the Dutch distiller as I’m looking for a premium private label but can’t seem to find out who they are. Can anyone help out?

  24. shit im 16 and its the best vodka ever you never get a hangover even if u try to. and yes it can be made into a bong ive turned it into one and smoked out of it

  25. I went to Florida on vacation about two years ago and bought a bottle.I loved it!!! When I came back to PA i tried to find it everywhere but I cant. I also checked online but I cant figure out if its legal for me to have it shipped to my home. Can anyone please tell me if they know if its legal to order it online or if they do sell it in any stores in PA. Thanks!!!

  26. I went to Florida on vacation about two years ago and bought a bottle.I loved it!!! When I came back to PA i tried to find it everywhere but I cant. I also checked online but I cant figure out if its legal for me to have it shipped to my home. Can anyone please tell me if they know if its legal to order it online or if they do sell it in any stores in PA. Thanks!!!

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