Bond-Style Camcorder Clock

By Bruce Eaton

What we have here, Mr. Bond, is a device that not only tells time but will also keep a record of all those transient coworkers who are “not” stealing your candy and office supplies from your cubicle. The motion-activated Camcorder Clock can record up to 12minutes on its built in memory or 3 hours with a 1 gig SD Card (not included) in 320×240 AVI video that can be viewed on your PC via USB.

Next time Tina, the “fat lard”, goes and steals a Butterfinger from your desk when you are in the WC, you can at least get the evidence to get her in trouble instead of just raising your fists in the air screaming, “NOT AGAIN!” She will rue the day she crossed your path with this $200, 6 AAA battery clock.

[Camcorder Clock] VIA [Uncrate]

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