Boeing 747 Repurposed As A Restaurant (Insert Lame Airline Food Joke Here)

Korean 747 Restaurant (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

With fancy new airliners from Boeing and Airbus soon to be replacing the world’s commercial fleets, I guess something has to be done with the old aircraft. Converting them to scrap metal or salvaging as many old parts as possible is one approach, but a crafty entrepreneur in Korea has found a way for at least one 747 to stay profitable (even though it will ever fly again) by converting it into a restaurant. I have absolutely no idea how the aircraft was delivered to this location, but given the size of a 747 the restaurant can easily accommodate over 150 tables. One of the engines has even been converted to a daily specials menu so that patrons can decide what to order while they’re waiting to board. Sadly a 747 restaurant franchise is a little grand for my needs, so I’m probably just going to stick with converting an old Cessna into a hot dog cart.

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