BodyTrace eScale (Images courtesy BodyTrace)

BodyTrace Connected eScale Opts For GSM Instead Of Wi-fi

BodyTrace eScale (Images courtesy BodyTrace)
By Andrew Liszewski

If the BodyTrace eScale seems oddly familiar, it’s because it’s not the first connected scale we’ve brought you. That honor would go to the Withings Connected Scale which uses wi-fi to transmit your weight and BMI to a website, allowing you to track your fitness level over time. And that’s basically the same idea behind the BodyTrace eScale, except that it uses GSM instead of wi-fi. The advantage I guess is that you can use it wherever you have cell coverage, but the downside is that after the first year you’ll have to pay $5.99/month to access the online services, though something tells me a bit of that money is actually paying for the wireless data.

And while the Withings scale has a price tag of $180+, the BodyTrace scale is just $59.99, and there’s even an option to buy it for just $9.99 as long as you’re willing to pay a monthly fee of $9.99 afterwards, under a one year contract. Yep, that’s right, now even scale makers are adopting a ‘subsidized with contract’ pricing plan. Great.

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