Bodum Santos Vacuum Coffee Maker

Bodum Santos Coffee Maker (Image courtesy Bodum)By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s something you probably don’t know about me, I hate coffee and never drink it. My friends and co-workers can’t seem to start their day without it but somehow I survive. (I thankfully managed to completely rid my body of its caffeine needs a few years ago.) Sure I don’t mind the smell while it’s being brewed but the final product I can gladly do without.

Of course if coffee is a vital part to your productivity then more power to you and might I suggest trying out this vacuum coffee maker from Bodum. The Santos model can brew 6-12 cups of coffee with a strong flavor similar to what is achieved from a french press. It uses a high-tech heating system developed by Bodum and from what I can tell a vacuum is used to pull the hot water through the coffee grounds and then a micron nylon filter. The whole brewing process is closed too meaning no aroma escapes so if you know someone who hates the smell this could be the coffee maker for you.

The Santos is available for purchase on the Bodum website for $99.99.

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2 thoughts on “Bodum Santos Vacuum Coffee Maker”

  1. I’ve had one of these for several years. Makes pretty good coffee, but doesn’t keep it warm long and isn’t exactly super-easy to clean up. As for the aroma, it’s not kept in at all. You can smell it all over the house just as with any other coffee maker. The Bodum’s novel vacuum process is quite entertaining for houseguests, too. They love to watch the water travel up into the coffee then flush down through the filter.

    They can be bought for much less than $99 at several sites, including Target. I recommend the orange one. The clear one will just turn orange (or brown) eventually anyway.

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