Colorful Bodum Bistro Toasters – Because There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Stainless Steel

Bodum Bistro Toaster (Images courtesy Sur La Table)
By Andrew Liszewski

The next time you go shopping for kitchen appliances you might want to consider a finish other than stainless steel, glossy black or chrome. Of course color can be a dangerous thing in the wrong hands, but the Bistro line of toasters from Bodum come in one of 8 different colors that manage to be bright and cheerful but not blindingly tacky. And it’s no slouch when it comes to being a toaster either with 900 watts of power to perfectly brown your bread or bagel, adjustable slots, a pop-up warming rack and a heat-resistant rubber exterior that stays cool to the touch and is easy to clean. $79.95 from Sur La Table.

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3 thoughts on “Colorful Bodum Bistro Toasters – Because There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Stainless Steel”

  1. I saw pictures of these in a photo dump from a tech site and at a cursory glance they looked like USB devices to me. But Bodum? Maybe a sensor for some coffee-related process. Or a weird excursion into tech for the company. And isn't Bodum a death metal band? (The name sounds like it, but this doesn't pan out. Perhaps I'm confusing Bodum with Dimmu Borgir or Burzum.) Oh, it's a toaster! On closer inspection, those ports on top don't actually look like a USB ports. They're cute toasters, maybe someday. Ah well, time to make some coffee with my Bodom French press!

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