Boblbe.e Amphib backpack

Being the sedentary, computer bound urbanite that I am, it’s hard for me to envision a world where people actually go out and do things. Such exotic notions as camping, or kayaking, or snowboarding, or anything otherwise included in the curious category of “outdoor activities” gives me the dizzies. Yet I’m told that quite a few people are fond of all this nonsensical balderdash. I spose it takes all kinds to make a world, and for those of you inclined to go face nature in an in-person sort of way, perhaps you’d be well advised to take the Amphib backpack from Boblble.e with you.

Online retailer is selling this definitely cool looking 15liter, waterproof backpack. It is made from hi-density laminated moulded foam, and actually floats. Its target market seems to be snowboarders/skiers though, as it sports “quick-lock snowboard straps, pole attachments and a goggle pocket”.

To me, it looks like you could use it to detonate a small nuclear device in. And that makes it even cooler. It’ll set you back about 130$ and you’ll have to wait 3 weeks for delivery. But hey, it is a floating waterproof backpack.

Go here to order, and for pictures galore.

7 thoughts on “Boblbe.e Amphib backpack”

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  2. I have one. It’s very light, very comfortable, but *very* small. You cannot fit an 8.5″x11″ piece of paper in without folding. My laptop (13.3″ screen) has no chance of fitting through the slot. Definitely recommended, but not if you want to carry your laptop or your files.

  3. Looks like they weren’t expecting so much traffic… I’ve been trying to get their site to load for the last 10 minutes with no luck.

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