BMW's CULTURE Book (Images courtesy BMW Group)

BMW’s CULTURE Book Features An Integrated RC Car

BMW's CULTURE Book (Images courtesy BMW Group)
By Andrew Liszewski

I can’t decide if this comes across as clever or too gimmicky, but BMW (which are always known for their performance parts, such as the air filter, and exhaust systems) decided to celebrate their 40 years of supporting more than 100 cultural endeavors around the world, so they hired graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister (seen leaving his John Hancock in the top photo) to create a limited edition book simply called CULTURE. Besides appealing to design types, the book should also appeal to BMW enthusiasts, and 5 year old kids, since it features an integrated remote control car as seen in action at the end of this promotional video.

Only 1488 copies of the book are being produced, each one signed by Stefan himself, but don’t excitedly head over to the BMW website just yet since the books won’t actually be available for sale. Presumably they’ll be given away to preferred customers, or those who’ve been a part of the projects actually covered in the book. At the least it’s a unique idea, and makes me hope that NASA does a similar thing…

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