BMW Sauber F1 Child Seat

BMW Sauber F1 Child Seat (Image courtesy CarScoop)
By Andrew Liszewski

First it was Honda who started selling their Type R Child Racing Seat and now it looks like BMW is getting in on the action as well. The Sauber F1 Junior Seat looks like it was pulled directly from a miniature F1 car, and will accommodate kids in the II and III weight classes. That means from 33 to 79 lbs or about ages 3.5 to 12. (What 12 year old uses a car seat?)

The backrest and side supports of the seat are also fully adjustable, and slide together making sure they’re always in the correction proportion. There’s even a centimeter scale on the backrest that corresponds to the height of the child which makes it easy to set the right seat height.

And based on previous model carseats that come with the BMW F1 branding, you can expect to pay around $1,000 to keep your kids safe and comfortable.

[ CarScoop – BMW Sauber F1 Child Seat ] VIA [ Yokiddo ]

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