BMW Baby Racer II

BMW Baby Racer II (Image courtesy BMW)
By Andrew Liszewski

If your toddler prefers watching the antics of Jeremy, Richard and James instead of Dora or Big Bird, you might want to consider upgrading their ride-on toy to something with a bit more class. And let’s face it, nothing says your toddler is better than all the other toddlers on the playground than what they’re driving, so for a mere ~$104 you can equip your child with their very own BMW.

The Baby Racer II features actual rubber tires which not only provides extra grip and handling in the corners, but also makes it easier to overcome small obstacles (like a minefield of LEGO bricks) and are considerably quieter than their plastic counterparts. The upholstered bright red seat is damp-wipeable for those nasty spills, and a low center of gravity ensures the racer stays on all 4 wheels even in tight curves. And to top it off, it’s even certified by the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV).

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