Blur iPhone Tripod Adapter

Blur Tripod Adapter (Images courtesy Mobile Mechatronics)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not entirely sure why Mobile Mechatronics decided to name their iPhone tripod adapter the Blur, when that’s exactly what it’s designed to eliminate. It’s kind of like naming an anti-nausea medication Vomit, or a fire-extinguisher the Raging Inferno. But nevertheless, I like the idea. It basically gives the iPhone a standard tripod mount allowing it to be attached to everything from a monopod to a Steadicam in theory. (Though there’ll probably be balance issues.)

For just $14.99 you get the adapter which attaches to the bottom of the iPhone (presumably using the dock connector) a pocket-friendly though somewhat useless mini tripod and the Blur Tripod iPhone app which gives you a shutter timer, what sounds like an intervalometer and even a level. The app can also be purchased on its own for just $0.99.

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