Bluetooth Helmet Lets You Rock Out Wirelessly

Bluetooth Helmet

By Luke Anderson

If you’re a skateboarder, or do any other sport whose main object is to lift your body off the ground at decent speeds, then there’s a chance you’ve discovered the benefit of wearing a helmet. Sure, you get by for a while without it, but after you bust your head open grinding on a handrail, you see the light. If you like rocking out while skating, you’ll generally be hindered by your most vital piece of safety equipment. That is unless you get this Bluetooth Sports Helmet.

This particular helmet features two built-in speakers that sit right next to your ear (yes, exactly like headphones) and a Bluetooth receiver. You also get a Bluetooth transmitter, which will hook up to just about any MP3 player on the market. You can then rock out and wipe out without getting tangled in the cord dangling from your ear buds.

This helmet will set you back a decent amount of cash. $300 may be salty, but at least it doesn’t look half bad.

[Hammacher Schlemmer] VIA [UberReview]

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  1. $300 for a quality ski helmet isn’t really that bad. (The one in the photo above is definitely a ski helmet. It would get way too hot in most of the climates people skateboard in)

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