BLUE Keeps Your Fruit Fresh With Light

By Luke Anderson

When you’re young, your parents always try to drill the importance of eating fruits and vegetables into your head. Of course when you grow up and move out you realize just how great your life is without needed to worry about those strange foods. Sure, sometimes you’ll buy a few apples and bananas with the intention of eating them, but lets face it, they just end up rotting away in the fridge. Well if you really do want to eat them, why not make them last a little longer?

The BLUE aims to be the device that actually gets you to eat your fruit. No, it’s not going to make you desire fruit more, but will make your fruit stay fresh longer. Maybe then you’ll actually get around to eating some.

The BLUE manages to keep your fruit from rotting by emitting a special light which kills off the harmful bacteria that loves to live on your food. You’ll simply see a soft blue light over your fruit, which will help preserve it. Unfortunately they don’t specify just how much extra life you’ll get out of your fruit.

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