Blu Bottle Water Bottle Generates Its Own Water


By Evan Ackerman

I don’t know enough about hydrokinetodynamics (or whatever) to be able to hazard a guess about just how conceptual this concept is, but it sure seems like it could be nifty… The Blu Bottle water bottle contains some kind of refrigeration unit that’s powered by your kinetic energy. As you move, a pump cools air inside the bottle, creating condensation which collects at the bottom as drinkable water. So, as you walk around, the bottle magically refills itself.

Like I said, this seems like one of those concepts that can’t possibly work in real life, despite the fact that it has been “intricately researched and designed” by a guy named Yuri Teodorowych. We’ll be sure and keep you updated if anything ever comes of this idea.

VIA [ Tuvie ]