Bloody Serial Killer Shower Curtain

Bloody Serial Killer Shower Curtain

Bloody Serial Killer Shower Curtain (Image courtesy Things You Never Knew Existed)By Andrew Liszewski

I don’t know about you, but as soon as the fireworks are extinguished at the beginning of July, I’m ready to haul out the Hallowe’en decorations. Sure pumpkins might be next to impossible to find in the middle of Summer, but if you plan ahead and throw a couple in the freezer come October, you’ll be ready for an early start next year. But why stop at just a pumpkin on the front porch when you can give your whole house the macabre treatment? Even your bathroom can now be dressed up for Hallowe’en with this Bloody Serial Killer Shower Curtain.

Taking a cue from Hitchcock’s Psycho, the curtain features the silhouette of a knife-wielding maniac (though without a wig) and enough blood splatters to take it well beyond the point of being a subtle gag. But there’s more! The shower curtain also features a sound and motion-activated speaker that plays the famous Psycho music as well as a clip of a woman screaming. It’s powered by 3 AA batteries which I’m sure you’ll be removing once the novelty wears off. (My guess is about 3 minutes into your first actual shower with it.)

The Bloody Serial Killer Shower Curtain is available from Things You Never Knew Existed for $19.98.

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