Black Diamond Smartphone Hits Very Limited Production

black diamond smartphone

By David Ponce

Living proof that if you throw enough demand and money at a concept, someone someplace will make it a reality. The Black Diamond concept phone made a few cellphone junkies wet their pants some months ago. And now, news is coming out that Swiss phonemaker VIPN is going to be producing all of 5 Black Diamond units. And well, yes, this means they’ll be expensive. As in, $300,000 worth of expensive.

Complementing the device’s gorgeous looks is a Windows Mobile 5.0 platform, along with a 2-inch display, 400MHz XScale processor, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 128MB of internal memory, an SD memory card slot, and a touch-sensitive keypad.

Also, it looks like you’ll have to wait until next year to get one, though if you’re one of the 5 lucky and rich few to get your paws on one, a few month’s wait shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

[VIPN’s Black Diamond] VIA [TechEBlog]

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