Blinkx, Video Searching And The Wall

By David Ponce

Y’all’s heard about YouTube getting bought by Google for a cool $1,65billion, right? So, I imagine you get the message: video is hot. There are video sharing/aggregating/searching sites popping up all over the place, and one of these recently caught our eye. It’s called Blinkx, and what you see above this text is one of their products. It’s a little slow loading, so be patient. Blinkx is essentially a video searching site, and they feature “6 million hours of video content”, which you can easily search. In this sense, it’s not unlike YouTube. But they don’t host the entire videos. Instead, once you find videos related to your search, you can watch a short preview, after which you’re prompted to watch the whole thing at its source.

But the really cool feature is this thing called “The Wall”, and it’s what you’re seeing now, right above. You can search for anything you like (in this case, we searched for “gadgets”) and then display the results in a wall of clips, which you can embed on your site. You can choose how large you make it, which can be as big as 8 by 8, or 64 clips simultaneously streaming to you. We decided to spare you the time it would take for a thing like that to fully load. The display is also continuously updated via RSS, so presumably the mix of clips changes over time.

If you want to see something really fun, mouse over the clips and see what happens.

[ Blinkx ] VIA [ TechCrunch ]