Blinded By The Light

By Evan Ackerman

Peak Beam

Funny how the US Army keeps using American pop music as inspiration for torture and pain. First there was the Eminem music in Kabul prisons, next the LRAD long range acoustic device obviously inspired by Christina Aguilera’s 2007 Grammy performance (just wait until 1:50), and then there was the Active Denial System derived from Nelly’s “Hot In Herre.” Next in line, thanks to The Boss himself (not these guys), comes a 7,500,000 candlepower paralyzing light beam.

Developed by Peak Beam Systems, the Maxa Beam uses a super bright, powerful strobe light that causes immobilization and (you have to assume) seizures, kinda like watching a Pokemon cartoon, except better. It’s designed to be either handheld or vehicle mounted, with a UAV version in the works.

[ Peak Beam System Maxa Beam ] VIA [ Wired ]

1 thought on “Blinded By The Light”

  1. Why are things like these requiried to be developed?
    Are there mass demonstrations already or are they expecting them to come up soon?
    If governments keep going like this, with nuts law, “non-lethal” weapons like these, identification, tracing etc they will sure need these weapons soon.

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