Bleep Labs Thingamagoop

Thingamagoop (Image courtesy Bleep Labs)
By Andrew Liszewski

The Thingamagoop was created by Bleep Labs because they felt that “there are not nearly enough beeping, zapping, bixxerfouping, anthropomorphic synthesizer monsters in the world”, and quite frankly, that’s a good enough answer for me. You can think of it as one of those baby toys that makes random noises with flashing lights, but designed for adults. While it looks like a robot, it’s actually an analog type synthesizer that’s controlled by a photocell, a couple of switches and a knob, instead of a keyboard. Varying levels and different types of light will produce different beeping tones, while the frequency ca be adjusted by using the knob on the front of the device. I could go on trying to describe what it does and why someone might want a Thingamagoop, but this YouTube video does a much better job at demonstrating what it can do.

The Bleep Labs website allows you to customize the Thingamagoop when it comes to colors (including the LED) and your unique creation will set you back $120.

[ Thingamagoop ] VIA [ Josh Spear ]