Blastwrap, Bomb-Proof Bubblewrap

By David Ponce

Guys, you’ll have to forgive the cut-and-paste job. Glue-sniffing Underpants-Gnomes are stealing all my underwear. I caught one, but I have to interrogate him now (he won’t tell me where they keep the stash), and I don’t have time for this.


It looks like Bubble Wrap, but BlastWrap isn’t for cushioning eBay shipments. A BlastWrap-lined garbage can will dissipate a backpack-size-bomb blast in less than one thousandth of a second. The wrap’s 2.75-inch compartments are stuffed with heat-treated perlite (the foamy pellets found in potting soil), a volcanic glass. The beads have a strong internal structure of sealed, air-filled cells. When a blast occurs, the cells are crushed one by one, minimizing damage to the surrounding area, while fire extinguishants snuff the fireball. Trash cans in Washington, D.C.’s Metro stations are now equipped with BlastWrap.

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