Blast Your Silverware Clean With This UV Disinfector

Blast Your Silverware Clean With This UV Disinfector

By Luke Anderson

How many times have you sat down at a restaurant and wondered just how clean the silverware is? Honestly, unless it looks really bad, I don’t really notice much. However, even if it looks clean, there could still be plenty of germs just crawling all over it. If you’re really paranoid about that kind of stuff, here’s a gadget for you.

This little Zadro Nano UV Disinfection Scanner will blast your fork (and anything else you point it at) with UV rays. Just hold it over your silverware for 10 seconds and 99.99% of the germs will be dead. That, or you could just wipe it down with your napkin and be done with it. That would certainly be cheaper than footing out $80 for one of these.

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  1. Wondering about this kind of stuff will drive you mad… And it’s pointless, considering how many other dirty stuff we touch everyday (see that recent study about keyboards). But oh well, paranoid people aren’t going to dissapear, and they need something to spend their money on..

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