Black Tissues Keep You Stylish Even When Fighting A Cold

Black Tissues (Image courtesy Japan Trend Shop)
By Andrew Liszewski

Japan Trend Shop is now selling a black tissue box that comes complete with… wait for it… black tissues! Apparently items like black cotton swabs and black toothpaste are catching on in Japan, since black has a clean and sophisticated feeling to it. All I know is that they look a lot cooler than the flower pattern box currently sitting in my bathroom. Time to grab the Sharpie!

According to the Spiddlement blog who’s actually had a chance to try them out, they feel just like regular tissues but have a faint smell of dye when you blow your nose. Definitely a small price to pay for staying hip.

I would be tempted to pick up a box, but Japan Trend Shop actually requires you to buy 20 for $149!

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