Black Element Cyclone Mouse Features Fan, Weights

By David Ponce

Gaming is serious business and innovation is what keeps the market constantly hungry for more… even if the products it spits out do look a little silly. The above Black Element Gaming Mouse, Cyclone Edition, by Thermaltake, features a little fan to cool your hand and prevent sweaty… top of hand. Yeah… It might not actually do much for cooling the part of your hand that needs it most, but hey, it sure looks interesting. Plus the mouse has removable weights so you can adjust that to your taste, by as much as 22.5g.

The fan is a 30mm design that operates at up to 6,000 RPM. The reported noise level is a whisper-quiet 21.7 dB. That’s about the same as leaves brushing along the ground. Thermaltake reports it has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, or about 6 years. The mouse itself has a customizable laser DPI engine of 100-6500 DPI. It has nine macro keys with five different macro profiles, for up to 45 individual macros. It isn’t wireless however, as the fan would likely shorten battery life too much. The fan itself plugs into a USB port in the front of the mouse and is removable. The fan however doesn’t light up. One of the coolest features of the mouse though is it’s customizable weight. That’s right, you can change how heavy it is, up to 22.5 grams, depending on your needs.

That’s a pretty serious gaming mouse. We’re not sure when it’ll be available but the price is rumoured to be in the $100-$130 range.

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